SkyDancer Sean

Performance Experience:

ClimACTS UNderground Boston                                     Aerialist                              The Theater Offensive 

Tarzan- New Years @ Trump Taj Mahal                           Aerialist                            Confetti Entertainment 

Rockafeller Center- Painbow Room                         Dancer/Aerialist                         Tryon Entertainment

2015 National Pole Championships                               Aerialist                           Pole Sport Organization

2015 Atlantic Pole Championships                                 Aerialist                           Pole Sport Organization

2014 Supershag Pole Fitness Chapionships                 Aerialist                          Supershag Dance Studio

Threat Level Midnight                                                Dancer/Aerialist         Ryan Grotz/Voyeur Nightclub
CodeRED 2014 & 2016                                                      Aerialist                                                    Mikel Pop
Mr. Everything Competition                                     Dancer/Aerialist                                  Josh Schonewolf
Envoute Burlesque                                                              Aerialist                                           Lauren Schiavo



Flaunt Fitness                                                             Pole Dance Instructor & Chair/Lap Dance Workshop
12th Street Gym                                                         Pole Dance/Floor-Wrok Workshop


Desnudo 2014 (inner spreads) - Diontrea Jackson
Kevin D Hoover Photography 2012-2014
Brian Michael Lauer Photography 2014



Finalist                                    PSO 2015 Nation Pole Chanpionships Men's Division 

Gold Medalist                        PSO 2015 Atlantic Pole Championships Professional Men's Division

Silver Medalist                      Supershag 2014 Pole Fitness Professional Level Championship Competition

Mr. Gay Philly                        2013   Bruce Yelk


Special Skills: Aerial Acrobatics, Choreography, Teaching, Acro, Modeling, Personal Training, Yoga, Sewing, Certified Swimming Instructor, CPR and First Aid Certified, holds a Driver's License

Experience & Perpormances